Climbing holiday in Valencia province? Check out these hidden gems

1st June 2022
The best seasons to climb is Autumn and Spring. However, by choosing the right crags climbing all year round possible.

We have been on the road for nearly three months now, spending a lot of time rock climbing and exploring. There is an endless supply of crags across Spain, and to our surprise, we discovered several new amazing climbing areas we have never heard of!

So far we have spent most of our time travelling around the Valencia region so these areas would be great holiday destinations from Valencia airport. I will kick off with some classic areas first which you most likely heard about already!


With over 1000 routes easily accessible from Chulilla village, there is plenty here to keep you busy for months. Climbing is on limestone on both sides of the gorge and for most routes, it’s best to have an 80-metre rope. Routes are generally easy to read and great for onsighting but due to popularity, some areas are getting a little polished. We spent three weeks here and the climbing was great.


Jérica (or Xèrica) is a long-established crag in a beautiful setting near the village of Jérica. The climbing is in a limestone canyon offering nearly 300 routes and it’s a great stop for a couple of days. The approach to the crag is 5 minutes from the village parking and it’s possible to climb all year round. The canyon has two climbing walls facing each other so you can change between the crags to stay in the shade or the sun all day!


This is a small climbing paradise in a remote and beautiful area which is why it’s not particularly well known. There are hundreds of routes to get stuck into if you want a holiday away from the crowds. Climbing is situated around each side of the gorge with a gorgeous river for an after climb dip in the middle. It’s well bolted but not polished and it’s possible to climb all year round. There are enough routes for all climbing levels and you can stay at a cute climber’s campsite 10 minutes walk from all the climbing.


Albarracin is the biggest Spanish bouldering spot and one of the best places for bouldering around Europe. Albarracin is also one of the prettiest villages in Spain so there is a lot do apart from climbing too. We spent several weeks here in May and would have loved to stay longer but the temperatures were getting too high.


Cuenca is apparently one of the best sport climbing areas in Spain but it is not well known abroad. We have never heard of it until one of our friends recommended us to check it out. This is a huge climbing area with so much good climbing and possibilities to climb all year around. We have been climbing here at the end of May and you can switch between shaded crags to keep you going all day. All the climbing is walking distance from Cuenca town centred around each side of Jucar river. Highly recommended!

Make sure to save this post/ map as I will be adding more spots as I go! And let me know below if you know some crags that I don’t ☺️

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