I like to spread the word that adventures are accessible to most of us.

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Aelita. I love to create and share content about adventures outdoors and hopefully inspire others to discover how awesome outdoor life is.

I feel extremely lucky to live just outside of Manchester and have easy access to some of the best national parks in the UK. Whilst being a major hub of the north, enjoying outdoors from Manchester is surprisingly easy with Peak District and Yorkshire Dales only an hour away and if that’s not enough you can reach most corners North Wales and the Lakes District within less than 2 hours.

From humble beginnings having to catch 2 buses just to get out of the city, I want to spread the word that outdoor life is accessible to most of us and epic all-day adventures don’t cost much more than a meal in the pub.

You will typically see me in my sturdy boots hiking and scrambling in the mountains or trading it more vertical adventures and going rock climbing.

It’s mostly about the feeling inside, rather than the final destination. Most of the time, you can have an amazing venture completely locally.

Our family got bigger a few years ago, our labrador puppy Summer joined us and makes our adventures even more fun.

Please follow my journey on Instagram and share with me your adventures. I look forward to getting to know you!

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