🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿  The Most Memorable Hikes in North of Scotland

With all the COVID-19 going on it was clear that this year the most sensible thing we could do is have a staycation. We have decided to go on a road trip, and not just any but the famous North Coast 500 route. We also wanted to challenge our selves and make this trip the most budget getaway we ever had. I will be writing a separate post about the logistics of how we managed to have a bucket list holiday for nearly 2 weeks barely spending anything and will drop a link here. As for now, I like to share with you the most memorable hikes we did in North of Scotland and in the Isle of Skye.

Some places seemed so unreal that I felt I was walking into the fairytale.

It goes without saying that Scotland is absolutely wonderful. Some places seemed so unreal that I felt I was walking into the fairytale. And if you anything like me, and love The Lord of the Rings, you will love the Quiraing loop and the Old Man of Storr. The scenery was just phenomenal.

  • Beinn Eighe mountain trail, Distance 18km / 11.25 miles, Time 7 – 9 hours, Ascent 1116m. With a bunch of mountain peaks, ancient pinewoods and gliding golden eagles, it’s no wonder that Beinn Eighe has been chosen as Britain’s first National Nature Reserve.
Beinn Eighe
  • Sandwood Bay Beach, Distance 13km / 8 miles, Time 4 – 5 hours. Reputedly, the most beautiful beach in Britain. This remote bay has no road access but can be reached by a 4 mile path leading from car park in Blairmore.
Sandwood Bay Beach
  • Faraid Head, Distance 6.5km / 4 miles, Time 1.5 – 2 hours. It’s absolutely gorgeous loop trail, located near Kinlochbervie, Highland. It features beautiful tall beach dunes, cliffs and crystal clear water.
Faraid Head
  • Duncansby Head and John o’Groats, Distance 8.5km / 5.25 miles Time, 2.5 – 3 hours. It’s certainly, a must-see for anyone who likes their scenery both, natural and dramatic.
Sea stacks of Duncansby Head
  • Bla Bheinn mountain trail, Distance 8km / 5 miles, Time 5 – 6 hours, Ascent 990m. Nature at its best. Its isolated position gives it some of the best island’s views.
Bla Bheinn
  • The Old Man of Storr, Distance 4.5km / 2.75 miles, Time 1.5 – 2 hours. It’s probably the most famous walk on the Island of Sky famous for its magnificent scenery and views. Worth mentioning that it’s one of the busiest as well.
The Old Man of Storr
  • Quiraing loop, Distance 6.5km / 4 miles, Time 3 – 4 hours. Truly spectacular Quiraing loop is one of the most iconic hikes in Isle of Sky.
Quiraing loop
  • Fairy Pools, Distance 8km / 5 miles, Time 2.5 – 3.5 hours. These beautiful crystal clear blue pools are excellent for Wild Swimming. It’s by far the most popular place in Isle of Skye.
Fairy Pools

If you like to see all the hiking spots on a Google map, press on the link below.

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