Van life- where to start and how to make money on the road?

This is THE ONE question that I get asked by far the most and it’s going to be a long post so be prepared! I am not sure why but I was apprehensive to write about it for a while. Maybe because talking publicly about how you make money is quite daunting or perhaps taking […]

Climbing holiday in Valencia province? Check out these hidden gems

We have been on the road for nearly three months now, spending a lot of time rock climbing and exploring. There is an endless supply of crags across Spain, and to our surprise, we discovered several new amazing climbing areas we have never heard of! So far we have spent most of our time travelling […]

Van Life – travelling full-time with 2 large dogs

Let’s do introductions first! Summer is a black Labrador retriever. She is a very active 3-year-old girl and we have had her since she was 2 months old. Summer is a true water dog and if she would have a chance she would never leave the water and continue to retrieve sticks and other things […]