Let’s talk accounatbility!

2020 has been a challenging year for many of us, but I have never felt more focused and happier. So what’s changed? What helped me to get through 2020 feeling so positive and energised? Two words – Accountability Partners 🙌 The concept of accountability partners is simple and yet brilliant at the same time. TheContinue reading “Let’s talk accounatbility!”

14 day dream UK holiday under £500

2020 has been a tough year for holidaymakers with so many of us having to cancel dream holidays abroad. Some of us have been lucky enough to claim money back for cancelled holidays but I think all of us have heard heartbreaking stories of less fortunate people who didn’t receive a refund and lost £1000s.Continue reading “14 day dream UK holiday under £500”

The Most Memorable Hikes in North of Scotland

With all the COVID-19 going on it was clear that this year the most sensible thing we could do is have a staycation. We have decided to go on a road trip, and not just any but the famous North Coast 500 route. We also wanted to challenge our selves and make this trip theContinue reading “The Most Memorable Hikes in North of Scotland”

Warland Reservoir

Today we went for a little walk around Warland Reservoir. This is our ‘go-to’ spot when we don’t have much time, but still like to get outside even if it’s for an hour or two.Below are just a few reasons why we like coming here: Breath taking scenery for a nice walk around the reservoirs.Continue reading “Warland Reservoir”

Dovestone Reservoir

Today we did an awesome 8 miles hike passing reservoirs, wild swimming spots and waterfalls with some easy scrambling and lots of beautiful views. With less than 30minutes drive from Manchester this is a must for anyone who loves outdoors. There is a path to go up to the Holme Clough Waterfall, or if youContinue reading “Dovestone Reservoir”

Blackstone Edge

No matter how many times I visit this place, I always have loads of fun! No two adventures are the same – every trip throws up new sceneries and fresh experiences. ⁠⁠This beautiful spot its only 45min drive from Manchester 👌🏻 The Blackstone Edge offers a rocky 1,549ft summit, and a road that was onceContinue reading “Blackstone Edge”