Top boring van life essentials we bought or forgot to buy!

This is far from the most exciting blog post but I wanted to include a list of mundane van life essentials you wouldn’t normally think about until you start living in a van.

Let’s go!

My favourite purchase and something that I use every single day is Roll Up Dish Drying Rack. Our kitchen is tiny, and this really helps with drying dishes or vegetables. When not in use, it rolls up nicely and takes very little space in the cupboard. 

Non-Slip Mat is the magic stuff that defies the laws of physics and saves us every day we are on the road. I got a large roll and cut it into different sizes to fit in the cupboards and it’s now literally in every draw and cupboard. Whatever you put on the mat, it will not move even if it’s an earthquake so it makes a massive difference when driving. I also place smaller pieces between each plate and so far I haven’t had any dishes break.

This waterproof dog mattress is wonderful, super lightweight rolls up easily and my both pooches love it. We carry it with us everywhere we go by attaching it to the rucksack. We got a large one and both of our dogs have no problem sharing it.

Portable Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot, this is a small and easy to use portable wifi. It fits all sim cards and we never had issues with the internet.

Travel Kettle, it’s portable, super light and low voltage allowing us to use it in the van daily.

Ok and now after living in a van for nearly 2 months here are the things that we didn’t think about and forgot to buy!

Pee bottle (or the technical term- portable urinal!) – we quickly came to realise that having a toilet in a van is great as long as you don’t have to empty it every couple of days. Number 1 is usually not a problem when you are parked up somewhere remote but when you are in a busier spot and you don’t want to use your toilet, these things are great. They are light and discreet and you can empty them later so you don’t have to leave the van every time you need to do your business.

Sink Strainer – since our grey water tank is not removable, some bits of food can end up stuck in the greywater system causing bad odours or blockages. One of the best ways to prevent it is having a couple of sink strainers to catch all the food waste before it’s too late!

Gas Adaptor– You will need an adaptor to fill your LPG gas bottle and we thought this was something we have sorted before our trip but it turned out we bought the wrong adaptor (twice!). This is far from ideal but to our surprise, all the petrol stations with LPG that we have been to had spare adaptors to lend to fill up the tank so panic over. Still, it would be good to have one just in case.

Here you have it, I would have never thought of these items before living in a van and I hope this is helpful if you consider van life!

Is there anything I have missed out on? What else did you think are essentials in the van?

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