Van adventures, safety first

Exploring the outdoors in your van, motorhome or even a car can be a fantastic idea, and it can be one of the best adventures you will ever have. Considering that your vehicle will become your home for the short-term or long-term, your worst nightmare is someone breaking into your van or even stealing it. So it’s important to keep your home on wheels safe and most importantly your mind at peace!

The reality is that if someone really wants to break in into your van, they will. What you can do however is minimise the chances of this ever happening and there are several simple things you can do without breaking your bank account.

First of all, it goes without saying not to leave any valuables out that could be seen through a window or leave an impression that there are valuables inside. Leaving things like laptop chargers or camera bags or sharing your exact location can attract unnecessary attention and lead to a break-in.

What comes next, is making your van look like it is too much hassle to get into so that the little rascals can move on to something else.

Installing deadlocks on your doors can be a good security measure and will only cost you £200-300. 

Just like us, I am sure you really value your van and the worst thing that could happen is someone stealing it. You can add things like a steering wheel lock or tyre lock but we found that they all take up unnecessary space and can all still lead to your van being stolen. That’s why we chose a ghost immobiliser. This is a piece of electrical tech that will make it nearly impossible for your van to be started without a pin number or an additional key fob. They are more expensive but will really give you the peace of mind that your van will not be going anywhere without you. We got one installed for £350 and if you shop around you can find a good deal between £300-400.

If it’s not your day and someone does try to break in into your van, Motion Sensor Alarm are pretty cheap but pack a punch when they go off and can scare off anyone to start running away or attract attention from people around.

Now if you are not convinced about spending the cash, you can just get some stickers to make everyone think that your van is alarmed!

Our motorhome has deadlocks on all doors, a Ghost immobiliser and an Indoor Motion Sensor Alarm which makes us feel safe leaving the motorhome parked up.

Finally, documents like passports and bank cards, I would recommend to always keep them in the same place, and document wallets for that are a great idea. You would be surprised how quickly small items disappear in the van. I like to carry this wallet with me everywhere I go. If I’m just walking around, it’s in my fanny pack or if I go rock climbing, it’s in my gear bag.

If you like to go exploring the outdoors on your own, its always worth sharing your location via apps like what’s up with someone close to you.

Oh, and one last thing- if you are still worried about safety, don’t forget that the only people who know where you park the van is you!

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