🇬🇧 Warland Reservoir

Today we went for a little walk around Warland Reservoir. This is our ‘go-to’ spot when we don’t have much time, but still like to get outside even if it’s for an hour or two.
Below are just a few reasons why we like coming here:

  • Breath taking scenery for a nice walk around the reservoirs. If you anything like me and have a pooch who loves water as much as our pup Summer does, you are in for a treat.
  • It’s perfect place for a 10k run, as the whole circle from the gate to the gate is exactly 10 kilometres long.
  • Some good old gritstone for bouldering.
  • It’s always nice and quiet here, a few joggers, a few dog walkers, but that’s pretty much it. Feels like the whole place belongs to you. 

Let me know if you been here before, and what did you like the most?

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